Get ya Drip is a family owned and operated business that allows for sports families just like ours to remember good times and memorialize the things that matter to them most. Whether its an awesome action shot, your favorite jersey, or just a cool image or logo we have something for everyone. We believe in living life to the fullest and appreciating every moment. Through our shared passion for sport we created Get Ya Drip to help people like you live life to the fullest and appreciate every moment in life and cherish the moments you have playing your favorite sports!

Raymond Kowalski


Hey everyone, my name is Ray Kowalski and I am one of the owners of Get Ya Drip. I am a former collegiate basketball player and all around sports fanatic. As I grew up in the presence of entrepreneurship I always pondered on how I could turn my passion for sports into a business of my own. Get Ya Drip is exactly that...A business built on the passions my sister and I share. My sister Noelle is one of my best friends and is a fellow athlete herself. We are so excited to have you along with us as we grow our business and help bring a little extra drip to your lives.

Noelle Kowalski


Hi my name is Noelle Kowalski I am one of the owners of Get Ya Drip along with my brother Raymond. I play competitive tennis at a very high level, and it’s my dream to go pro and be on the tour some day. I love anything to do with sports, it’s literally my life! My brother is one of my best friends, and we built this business based off of our love and devotion to our sports, and many others. We hope you love and enjoy our products, and that we can bring more drip to your lives!